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Life drawing and portrait workshops

I will be running a series of full-day life drawing workshops (figure and portrait), where I will be teaching my techniques plus other important topics to improve, not only your life drawing skills, but also drawing from observation.

Workshops usually run from 10:00 until 15:00 unless otherwise stated.

Location: Hull City Centre

Portrait Workshop 1 and 2


This course is designed for artists -beginners (PW1) intermediate(PW2)- who would like to improve their portrait techniques from memory and observation. We will learn to draw the human head by starting from simple construction and then moving on to more advanced guidelines to help improve proportions and accuracy.


These workshops will focus on:

- Basic head proportions

- Construction lines

- Advanced proportions

- Light and shadow

- Negative space


The cost of the workshop is £30.00, Students: £20.00.


Dates: 30th of June 2018 (PW2), 14th of July 2018 (PW1)

             28th of July 2018 (PW2)

Life drawing workshop 1 and 2

This course is designed for artists -beginners to intermediate (LD1) and advance (LD2)- who would like to learn techniques to draw from observation. We will learn to develop the skills needed to draw the human figure with a  step by step guide to improving the proportions and accuracy of your figure drawing.

These workshops will focus on:

- Gesture drawing

- Construction lines

- Anatomical landmarks

- Balance and Contrapposto

- Negative space

The cost of the workshop is  £30.00, Students: £20.00.


Dates: 7th of July 2018 (LD1) 4th of August 2018 (LD2)

Full day untutored life drawing sessions


Perfect to improve your drawing/painting techniques. The 5 hours session will have the model in the same pose for the entire session, which will enable you to practice a long drawing/painting or a series of small studies.


Dates: 16th of June 2018, 21st of July 2018, 11th of August 2018

The cost of the session is £20.00, Students: £15.00.

All the sessions include paper, easels*, drawing boards, pencil or charcoals.


*Please let the tutor know in advance if you require an easel since there are only a limited number.

These are some of the comments given from previous workshops:


‘The most valuable thing of the workshop was Jorge's input. I want to attend more.’


‘I learnt a great deal from this workshop. The three most valuable things were: how to manipulate gesture in drawing, the importance of negative space and how to use angles as well as line for measuring. My drawing is greatly improved as a result. I congratulate the instructor who was clear in his exposition, considerate of his students and very helpful. I look forward to Jorge's next workshop. Thank you very much.’

‘Very useful to see Jorge’s own work and also the anatomical drawing that he showed us. Loved the way that it was structured with instruction followed by allotted time to practice. The whole class was very organised especially providing easels and paper. Jorge was friendly an approachable- I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and will look forward to future workshops.’

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